Our Program

Be Great!'s medium-paced 30-minute program is a refreshing solution to the tremendous demand for authentic positive media. Our program empowers, educates and guides viewers to grow from ordinary citizens to extraordinary beings.

This show introduces a unique mix of trending, raw, organic and easily-digestible videos with the high-quality productions of well-produced human-interest stories featuring gorgeous cinematic footage, emotionally-driven music and rich warm editing. Be Great! Show's format includes elements from a variety of successful TV shows weaved with some innovative trailblazing ideas and technology planned to attract a diverse demographic of viewers Internationally. Understanding peopleā€™s short attention span and craving for diversity, this is a fun & light program that can keep viewers entertained, educated, and inspired. Be Great Show imaginatively merges sincere feel-good stories with drama, humor and entertaining content. Much of our content is filmed outside in natural environments, often chosen by our subjects so they are in a comfortable, setting aligning with their values.

This TV series is capability of executing full production during a quarantine. Our International viewer demographic is men and women ages 18-55 years old.


*Dalai Lama - story to be filmed by 2022

The Problem

OurĀ world is in a state of flux. It's fluxed up and humanity needs guidance on how to best evolve. We have record-high unemployment rates and overwhelming uncertainty for our future.

Media should be the platform for which change and ideas are shared. But instead, it is being used to spread fear, lies and negativity. Financial greed and corporate programming have stripped media from pure quality, clean and inspiring family entertainment.

People are left to independently search for personal & professional development often investing a lot of time and money just to improve themselves.

Much of today's content is presented via mundane, dull and one-dimensional talk shows. The monotonous sit-down, scripted interview format no longer serves our consciousness. Today's generation is largely groomed on fast-paced, diversely visual and highly entertaining content released in short bursts.

Media has the potential to become our roadmap to rebirth us into our human potential but it lacks the proper vehicle.

The Solution

Be Great! ShowĀ is an inspiring social impact TV series that spotlights individuals, events and organizations that are doing positive things around the world.

Be Great! Show creates the perfect platform to unite & celebrate human kindness, honor achievement and empower all individuals to Be Great!





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Two Short Stories

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One Climactic Story

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One 4 Minute Compilation of Short Stories

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A Coming Soon Segment

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An Outro

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Content not used in our network segments will be available through our social media as supplementary content featuring in-depth interviews, short viral videos, behind the scenes footage and more.


Be Great! Show's upbeat segments showcase inspirational heroes, dynamic visionaries, cutting-edge thought leaders, amazing talent and other incredible examples who are positively impacting our planet. We have blended together powerful true stories, compelling magazine-style narratives and grassroots user-generated content with beautiful segments highlighting those who are advancing humanity. Our family-friendly stories will bounce from individuals to organizations, from events to communities and from cities to countries; both recognizing and rewarding those who are spreading greatness.

This series pairs up average everyday individuals with celebrities and industry leaders producing stimulating discussions to synergistically discover success secrets and ultimately, our human potential. Our goal is to amuse and enlighten our viewers as we creatively hack and survey what is working, the challenges we face, investigating new concepts and embracing this exciting new stage of humanity that we are amidst..



Be Great! Show allows the flexibility of documentary-style interviews conducted by guest hosts rotating between industry professionals, athletes, celebrities, actors & TV personalities or by voice/text narration.

WeĀ love to creatively matchmake our guest hosts allowing them to interview key people who are making a difference in their areas of social impact. Many of our interviewers and interviewees will already possess a progressive mindset of challenging the norm and forward-thinking vision.

Paying it Forward

Our series will explore ways to help make connections, facilitate resources and add value to our subjects through funding, sponsorships, scholarships, education, advice and other support.

Each celebrity host will have the option to donate a portion or all of their fee to their charity/program of choice through part of our social impact commitment.


11-year-old Tanishq Abraham wraps up studies at American River College


Trisha Yearwood, Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter, Garth Brooks
& Habit For Humanity



Be Great Show is an interactive TV series allowing enthusiasts from around the world to join in on our productions as guest hosts, featured subjects, videographers, content creators, interns, staff positions and more. We aim to engage an international community of individuals from different ages, races and cultural backgrounds to participate with our series so we will be recognizing & rewarding through our Be Great Media Community (BGMC).

A tiered point system will track all user-generated content that is broadcasted through our network and/or digital platforms. Approved and broadcasted user-generated content will feature title credits and eventually, individuals can receive various IMDb credits. Those who continue to produce high-quality content can earn internships, scholarships and even paid positions with our company. Online, viewers will be able to vote using our website to help determine which user-generated content will be featured in our segments.


Be Great! Show will explore:

  • What does it mean to Be Great?
  • What does it mean to consciously evolve?
  • What is a quiet Activist?
  • What is the ethos of our trailblazing youth?
  • How can we encounter Joy...every day?
  • How can food be medicine?
  • How to break bad habits and develop great habits.
  • How to honor & celebrate the differently-abled communities.
  • How to adversity and racial inequality.
  • Learning from other cultures.
  • Discovering how to find our soul mates.
  • How to see the silver linings in tragedy.
  • How to embrace ancient wisdom & modern technologies.
  • How technology is transforming disabled lives.
  • Can we become a Buddha and a badass?


Be Great! Show is a multinational network franchise model designed to partner with a major network.

Additionally, our program produces a plethora of International Digital Media broadcasted across our social media platforms.


Success Factors

  • Content & Corporate Diversity
  • Authentic, Positive & InspirationalĀ Media
  • Educational, Empowering and Entertaining Content
  • Magazine-Style Human-Interest stories
  • Non-ScriptedĀ Documentary-Style Interviews
  • Fun, Entertaining Viral Videos
  • Massive Global Social Impact
  • Challenging, Activating & Engaging People To Be Great!
  • Feel-Good Family-Friendly Entertainment
  • Evolutionary, Profitable & Scalable International Franchise
  • Sponsor & Partner Attractiveness
  • Engaging, Crediting & Rewarding User-Generated Content
  • Capable during pandemic
  • Rotating Celebrity Guest Hosts + Voice/Text Narration
  • High-Quality Network + Digital Media Content
  • Qualified + Experienced Team


Be Great! explores how authentic positive productions can influence our social potential and inspire us to actively participate in cultivating a globe that nourishes and nurtures life in every form.

Be Great! takes us on a journey to witness tremendous acts of human kindness and then guides us on how to activate our human potential inspiring positivity and prosperity throughout the world.

Many people are now beginning to realize life, as we have known it on earth, has changed drastically. In order for life to survive on our planet we, the human species, must evolve consciously. Be Great Show is the go-to guide for inspiration, information and implementation on how we may awaken our souls.

Be Great! Topics


Arts, Talent & Entertainment


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Health, Wellness & Relationships


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Overcoming Adversity & Inequity


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